• Date: 01. 05. 2022

Will Philippines completely switch to polymer?

Polymer 1000s issued in April 2022!

A new banknote series, which began in April 2022 with the 1000-peso banknote, will focus on fauna and flora in the Philippines as well as those with positive Filipino images like the tamaraw (Mindoro dwarf buffalo or Bubalus mindorensis), sampaguita (Jasminum sambac, a sweetly scented tropical flower) et al. instead of heroes. 

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  • Date: 14. 04. 2022

Bank of Scotland new £100 polymer

On Monday, April 4, 2022, the Bank of Scotland announced that its new £100 polymer banknote will be issued on Monday, May 9, 2022.


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  • Date: 03. 04. 2022

IBNS banknote of the year 2021

Congratulations to Mexico! The Banco de México wins the IBNS "Bank Note of the Year Award" 2021!

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  • Date: 02. 04. 2022

Casa de Moneda de Chile S.A. presents their first housenote

Casa de Moneda de Chile S.A. presents their first housenote, produced 100% on polymer substrate and manufactured in their facilities. A high security banknote that values Chilean heritage, with a modern and innovative design that identifies and represents CdM.

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  • Date: 31. 03. 2022

BARBADOS: Welcome to the polymer family!

On Monday, March 21, 2022, Barbados Governor Cleviston Haynes announced that a new series of polymer banknotes will be issued at the end of the year (December 2022).

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  • Date: 10. 03. 2022

Jamaica jumps on the polymer bandwagon!

On Tuesday, March 8, 2022, Jamaica announced its new family of polymer banknotes, which will begin with the issuance of a new polymer $2,000 banknote. No dates of issue have been announced yet.

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  • Date: 09. 03. 2022

Ulster Bank (Northern Ireland) £50 coming on June 15, 2022

Ulster Bank will complete its current polymer series with the issuance of a £50 banknote on June 15, 2022. The design of the new £50 note was unveiled on March 8, 2022, International Women's Day 2022. The banknote heavily features women working in Northern Ireland's burgeoning life sciences industry.

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  • Date: 07. 02. 2022

Thailand NEW 20 baht coming in March!

On Thursday, January 20, 2022, ​Dr. Sethaput Suthiwartnarueput, the Governor of The Bank of Thailand (BOT), unveiled a new 20-baht polymer banknote, scheduled for release into circulation on March 24, 2022. 

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  • Date: 31. 01. 2022

Royal Bank of Scotland (UK) the current polymer series

A collective of design agencies from Scotland's creative industries scene played a central role in the Royal Bank of Scotland's pioneering "The People's Money" banknotes: the "Fabric of Nature" family of notes. This current series of polymer banknotes comprises four denominations, all printed on De La Rue's Safeguard® polymer substrate.

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  • Date: 29. 01. 2022

Guyana NEW 2.000 Dollars polymer

On Friday, January 28, 2022, Dr. Gobind Ganga, Governor of the Bank of Guyana, unveiled a new polymer commemorative banknote that will go into circulation on or before February 14, 2022.

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  • Date: 19. 01. 2022

Romania new 20 Lei note

Romania issued a 20 lei note in 2021 featuring Ecaterina Teodoroiu. This banknote is Romania's first legal tender banknote that only features a woman.

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  • Date: 13. 01. 2022

Updates to POLYMER 2021

We have been receiving an overwhelmingly positive response regarding our POLYMER 2021 catalog. We are also working on corrections, updates and additions for future editions, and are thankful to everyone sending their comments to us. This post contains only the most important corrections and changes to POLYMER 2021 and will be updated as needed.

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