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Sao Tome and Principe S2

10 Dobras, issued in 2018, Safeguard®

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Russia S1

100 Ruble, issued in 2018, Goznak

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Solomon Islands S2

40 Dollars, issued in 2018, Guardian®

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Botswana S1

10 Pula, issued in 2018, Safeguard™

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Sao Tome and Principe S1

5 Dobras, issued in 2018, Safeguard®

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Scotland (UK)—The Royal Bank of Scotland S1

5 Pounds, issued in 2016, Safeguard™

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PBN Ltd.

Currency Consulting, Management and Solutions

Located in the European Union (Slovenia), we supply premium numismatic items to many of the world's most advanced collectors of coins and bank notes, we do large-scale business with several of the world's leading coin and bank note dealers and companies, and we work with all of the world's leading numismatic auction houses. 

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