• Date: 13. 01. 2022

Updates to POLYMER 2021

We have been receiving an overwhelmingly positive response to our "POLYMER 2021" catalog (https://www.polymernotes.org/polymer-2021). We are working on corrections, updates and additions for future editions, and are thankful to everyone sending in comments to us (sales@polymernotes.org). This post contains the most important additions and corrections to "POLYMER 2021"; further updates will follow, as needed. 
We had to renumber the Mauritania, Romania and Scotland (UK)—Bank of Scotland sections since new, "in-between" denominations have been recently issued. Renumbering is not something that we like to do, but when necessary, we need to do it. Renumbering maintains a logical and easy-to-follow numbering system: it is important to present all issues within a banknote family in sequential order. The following updates have been made:
- Mauritania S2: 20 ouguiya (new issue)
- Mauritania S3: 50 ouguiya (formerly S2)
- Mauritania S4: 100 ouguiya (formerly S3)
- Mauritania S5: 200 ouguiya (formerly S4)
- Mauritania S6: 500 ouguiya (formerly S5)
- Mauritania S7: 1,000 ouguiya (formerly S6)
- Romania S10: 20 lei (new issue)
- Romania S11: 50 lei (formerly S10)
- Romania S12: 100 lei (formerly S11)
- Romania S13: 200 lei (formerly S12)
- Romania S14: 500 lei (formerly S13)
- Romania S15: 100 lei commemorative 2018 (formerly S14)
- Romania S16: 100 lei commemorative 2019 (formerly S15)
- Scotland (UK)—Bank of Scotland S6: £100 (new issue)
- Scotland (UK)—Bank of Scotland S7: £20 commemorative (formerly S6)
The following are additional corrections related to numbering:
- Australia S9R2 must be deleted; it does not exist. The new S9R2 note is “Year 2019. Sig. Lowe-Kennedy.” (previously listed as S9R3).
- Romania S7R9 is listed twice. The S7R9 for the "2005 (14)" variety is correct. The next two need to be corrected: "2005 (15)" becomes S7R10, "2005 (17)" becomes S7R11. The existing S7R11 ("2018 (18)") must be deleted: it does not exist. The other entries remain unchanged.
- Romania S11R6 (formerly S10R6) ("2005 (15)") must be deleted; it does not exist. The numbers of the subsequent "R" varieties need to be decreased by 1 each.
- Zambia reference S1R1 is missing: “Year 2003. Pfx DA/03, DB/03, DC/03. Printed by CBN.”
- Zambia reference S1R2 is missing: “Year 2004. Pfx DC/03, DD/03. Printed by CBN.”