• Date: 13. 01. 2022

Updates to POLYMER 2021

We have been receiving an overwhelmingly positive response regarding our POLYMER 2021 catalog. We are also working on corrections, updates and additions for future editions, and are thankful to everyone sending their comments to us. This post contains only the most important corrections and changes to POLYMER 2021 and will be updated as needed.


We had to renumber sections of Mauritania and Romania due to new denominations being issued in the note families. Renumbering is not something that we want to do, but when necessary, it creates a logical and easy-to-follow numbering system in the long run as we aim to present all notes within a family in sequential order. The following updates were made (new references are shown first):

  • Mauritania S2: 20 ouguiya (new issue)
  • Mauritania S3: 50 ouguiya (formerly S2)
  • Mauritania S4: 100 ouguiya (formerly S3)
  • Mauritania S5: 200 ouguiya (formerly S4)
  • Mauritania S6: 500 ouguiya (formerly S5)
  • Mauritania S7: 1,000 ouguiya (formerly S6)
  • Romania S10: 20 lei (new issue)
  • Romania S11: 50 lei (formerly S10)
  • Romania S12: 100 lei (formerly S11)
  • Romania S13: 200 lei (formerly S12)
  • Romania S14: 500 lei (formerly S13)
  • Romania S15: 100 lei commemorative 2018 (formerly S14)
  • Romania S16: 100 lei commemorative 2019 (formerly S15)


The following are corrections related to numbering in the POLYMER 2021 catalog:

  • Romania S7R9 is shown twice. The last correct entry is S7R9 for 2005 (14) variety. All subsequent varieties need correction: 2005 (15) becomes S7R10, 2005 (17) becomes S7R11 and so on.
  • Zambia reference S1R1 is missing: “Year 2003. Pfx DA/03, DB/03, DC/03. Printed by CBN.”
  • Zambia reference S1R2 is missing: “Year 2004. Pfx DC/03, DD/03. Printed by CBN.”