Vanuatu S6

  • Currency: Vatu
  • Denomination: 10,000
  • Issue Year: 2010
  • Size: 155 x 65 mm
  • Printer: NPA
  • Substrate: Guardian®
  • Quantity: On issue
  • Type: Circulating (on issue)
Vanuatu, 10,000 Vatu, issued in 2011. A triton shell in the clear window. Front: The coat of arms of Vanuatu, depicting a Melanesian warrior superimposed on a boar's tusk, over a scroll that reads "Long God yumi stanap" (In God We Stand, in Bislama). Back: Building of the Reserve Bank of Vanuatu in the background. At center left, a Tamtam (split drum), used by the chiefs in each community. They beat the drum to call or gather the villagers together whenever there is a special occasion (e.g., a death or marriage) or a meeting. Two stonemasons in the center. A telecommunications device at center right.