• Date: 08. 07. 2021

POLYMER 2021 to start shipping in August

All pre-orders for the polymer catalog will start shipping in early August. We expect most orders to be delivered in the 2nd half of August, depending on postal delivery times.

We apologise for the long delay and we appreciate your patience. All pre-orders will be delivered as numbered copies with hand-signed autographs of all three authors. All pre-orders will also come with a free polymer banknote as our thanks for your patience.

Here is what you can look forward to in POLYMER 2021:

-        An updated format and expanded descriptions, including larger text for easier reading

-        A complete listing of all polymer banknote varieties (around 2,000 of them)

-        A complete listing of all polymer test and promotional banknotes (around 500 of them)

-        An updated price guide

-        An expanded introduction, with detailed coverage of technical, marketing and numismatic information related to polymer banknotes

-        A complete listing of all numismatic products (about 400 of them), professionally photographed and priced

-        Many new countries, banknotes and unknown varieties

If you haven’t done so yet, this is where you can place an order for the catalog: www.polymernotes.org/catalog-2021

For additional information, including for larger dealers’ orders, please contact Katja Šajn, PBN Sales Manager, at ...