Number 1 bank notes

A personal favorite of Stane Straus, serial number 1 bank notes are few and far between. The Polymer Collection contains over 50 such notes from several different countries, undoubtedly the finest polymer group ever assembled.


The most sought-after notes are numbered 000001, preceded by the very first prefix for the issue, usually AA. Some central banks precede serial number digits with a year designation:  in such cases, the very first note could be numbered  “AA 17 000001” (denoting the first note of the first prefix, printed and/or issued in 2017). Occasionally, new signature, date or design varieties are produced, and these notes could start with a higher prefix designation, that is, a note could be the very first note for that particular variety, but it does not have the AA prefix. And when a prefix is exhausted, which usually happens every million or every ten million notes, the numbering continues with a new, normal circulating prefix (e.g., AB, AC, AD), yielding additional number 1 notes.


Examples of other attractive and interesting serial numbers include low serial numbers below 100, or even 1000 (e.g., AA 000001-000100, AA 000101-001000), solid numbers (e.g., AB 1111111), ladder numbers (e.g., BC 1234567), or radar numbers (e.g., CD 1234321). We also seek full sets of all bank note denominations with the same (matching) serial numbers. Many such serial numbers and matching number sets can be found in The Polymer Collection.