Specimen bank notes

Specimen bank notes are produced so central banks can provide genuine, fully printed, “non-legal tender” bank note samples to other central banks, law enforcement agencies, commercial banks, museums and others. These specimen notes are used to compare and determine the genuineness of bank notes, or to illustrate the notes to the public for informational and/or educational purposes.

The Polymer Collection contains hundreds of specimen bank notes from central banks around the world. These specimen notes are maintained in the collection as a permanent record of the development of polymer bank notes, their outstanding designs and innovative security features. These specimen notes are used for research purposes and to disseminate information about polymer bank notes and the polymer technology itself, via this website, various publications and exhibitions.

Dozens of central banks around the world have donated polymer specimen note samples to The Polymer Collection, thus enriching and completing this unique historical archive, as well as ensuring that their own countries’ notes are duly represented.