Polymer Bank Notes of the World (2016 Edition)


The 2016 edition of the award-winning Polymer Bank Notes of the World is the definitive reference on polymer and hybrid bank notes. Large A4 format, hard covers, over 200 pages in full color with 240 different issued and 113 different promotional & test notes on polymer and hybrid substrates. There are 4 sections: polymer issued notes, hybrid issued notes, promotional and test notes and a brand new section on folders.

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Polymer Bank Notes of the World (2014 Edition)

The definitive guide to polymer and hybrid bank notes. Large A4 format catalog, 144 pages in full color, listing 180 different issued and 82 different promotional & test notes on polymer and hybrid substrates. There are 1,574 entries (varieties) in the catalog with prices.This new edition is much enlarged and improved. If you are interested in polymer and hybrid notes, this book is a must-have.


Review about 2014 edition by Owen W. Linzmayer

"Polymer Bank Notes of the World is the definitive guide to one of the hottest numismatic fields: non-paper notes, be they Tyvek, polymer, or hybrid (combinations of paper and polymer). The new 2014 edition uses larger format pages than the preceding 2012 edition, and has expanded from 122 pages to 144 pages, with coverage of an additional 285 entries of both issued and promotional/test notes (created by security printing firms to show off their prowess and new anti-counterfeiting features).

Each note is illustrated in color, front and back. Below the illustrations are descriptions with some historical background about the vignettes on the notes, as well as detailed variety listings, each assigned their own unique Straus number (for example: Australia S1R3a), along with cross-references to Pick and The Banknote Book catalog numbers. Pricing in euros is given for uncirculated notes, and lesser grades in the few cases where pristine notes aren't readily available.

The lines devoted to describing the variations are somewhat dense and deciphering the frequent abbreviations requires a bit of mental gymnastics, but as a fellow cataloger with an interest in collecting these notes, I appreciate the authors' attention to details, accuracy, and specificity. Also well received are all the footnotes below the variety listings which provide additional information about the notes, helping put them into context and enhancing their appeal.

If you're one of the many people with a penchant for polymer, this catalog belongs in your reference library (it's a bargain at only 20 euros), and the accompanying web site (http://www.polymernotes.org) should be a frequent stop as you browse the web for the latest information."


Polymer Bank Notes of the World (2012 Edition)

The first edition (2012) of Polymer Bank Notes of the World premiered at the 2012 Spring PaperMoneyFair in Valkenburg, Netherlands. The catalog sold out and quickly established itself as the definitive reference for polymer and hybrid bank note collectors. It was published in a soft-cover format, containing 122 pages and cataloging 1,289 entries for polymer, Tyvek, hybrid and promotional notes - complete with prices for each variety. This edition was awarded "2012 Book of the Year - 2nd Place" by the IBNS (the International Bank Note Society).

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