Macedonia S1

  • Currency: Denar
  • Denomination: 10
  • Issue Year: 2018
  • Polymer rank: 0
  • Size: 126 x 63 mm
  • Printer: DLR
  • Substrate: Safeguard™
  • Quantity: On issue
  • Type: Circulating (on issue)

Macedonia, 10 denar, issued in 2018. Front: A marble torso of the Egyptian goddess Isis (2 century BC), which was discovered in Ohrid. Isis was a goddess of fertility and motherhood, and was a protector of nature and magic. On the center left, there is a presentation of a gold boat earring from 4th century BC. Clear window with Peacock at left. Back: The peacock, the leitmotif is a detail of the floor mosaic of the baptistery of the Episcopal Basilica in the ancient city of Stobi (4th - 5th century). This basilica is actually the oldest Christian temple in Macedonia. Peacocks symbolize resurrection, immortality, and eternal life.