Singapore portrait series $10 polymer serial no. 0AA000001



By Mavin International, August 2004


The first bank note issued by the Monetary Authority of Singapore


The Monetary Authority of Singapore performs the functions of the central bank in Singapore. However, unlike most central banks, the MAS was not a banknote issuing authority. Until 2002, the banknote issuing authority in Singapore was the Board of Commissioners of Currency, Singapore, otherwise known as BCCS. In that year, BCCS merged with the MAS.


On 30 April 2004, MAS announced its very first banknote issue. This was a small issue of $10 banknotes of the Portrait series in polymer. For the first time in history, these notes bear the signature of the Chairman of the Monetary Authority of Singapore. These notes were first released into circulation on 4 May 2004. To commemorate this first banknote issue, MAS also issued 10,000 commemorative polymer notes overprinted with the text "Commemorative First Issue by MAS".


The very first prefix or batch of this series bears the prefix 0AA, and the very first note is numbered 000001. This note with the serial number 0AA 000001 is thus the very first banknote issued by MAS. It is of unique historical importance.


In most countries, such an important note would have been privately presented to some high ranking government official. However, in line with Singapore's policy of transparency in government, it was decided that this important note, together with notes bearing other highly desirable serial numbers, will be sold to members of the public.


Mavin is honoured to be able to offer this unique note for sale by public auction on behalf of MAS. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to acquire such an important banknote, either for your institutional collection or as an heirloom for future generations.